T.A.P. Tag Vacation Rental Applications


  • Remain competitive in today’s vacation rental market by taking the steps to become mobile friendly. T.A.P. Tag Technologies developed T.A.P. Tags in a simple way for vacation rental professionals to embrace mobile technology. T.A.P. Tags are a small NFC (near field communication) chip enabled item, like a key chain or sticker, that can display a custom message on your rental guest’s phones with just a tap of their NFC capable smartphone. T.A.P. Tags can be programmed to display house rules and rental information to guests, or to automate the check out process with most vacation rental software platforms. Put T.A.P. Tag key chains on the keys you give out to rental guests to display information about local attractions and reminders about check out procedures. T.A.P. Tags can also be used to notify service representatives such as housekeeping staff and maintenance crews when the rental guest checks out of the property. Have an idea on how T.A.P. Tags can be used in your vacation rental business? Let us know, T.A.P. Tags are fully customizable and can be programmed to open virtually any URL. We would love to hear your ideas and create custom T.A.P. Tags for your rental business.

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Applications For Vacation Rentals

Find A Property's Availability

No agent? No worries. With a T.A.P. Tag placed on your rental property, potential tenants can find out availability dates and other property information with a tap of their smart phone.

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