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T.A.P. Tag Technologies LLC, a NFC Chip Company, Helps Campground Increase Communication with T.A.P. Tags

Campground starts to use T.A.P. Tags, a NFC chip enabled keychain, to communicate with their campers directly on their smartphones this summer season.

“We are always looking for new ways to communicate and build relationships with our campers. T.A.P. Tags are an easy way for us to embrace new technology and reach out to our customers directly on their smartphones” said Marlene Catanoso, owner of Avalon Campground.
T.A.P. Tags are small items (key chains, business cards, stickers etc) that are NFC chip enabled. NFC (Near Field Communication) chips enable two electronic devices to communicate with each other. Utilizing similar technology that is becoming commonplace in credit cards, T.A.P. Tag Technologies uses state of the art NFC chips to facilitate communication between the T.A.P. Tag and the NFC capable smartphone.
The campground is using T.A.P. Tag key chains that are given out to campers when they check in. The T.A.P. Tags display important information such as rules & regulations, the campground activity schedule, and details about area attractions.
“Having the ability to reach our customers right on their smartphones is great. Just by tapping their phone to the T.A.P. Tag key chains, our campers can stay up to date with what is going on at Avalon Campground” said Catanoso.
Avalon Campground is also using custom T.A.P. Tag key chains to communicate with their seasonal campers, even during the off season when the campground is closed. Information about re-booking and lease documents will be sent to the individual seasonal camper’s key chains. Campers can simply tap their NFC capable smartphone to the keychain and open the pdf documents.
“T.A.P. Tags are versatile and can be used as a marketing tool in many different areas of business, but we have had a lot of interest in T.A.P. Tags from the vacation rental industry. In today’s vacation rental market, it is important for rental companies to have the ability to engage with their customers and hopefully earn repeat business “said Jason Garrison, Tap Tag Technologies.
Besides displaying information for Rental Guests, T.A.P. Tags can also be used to automate the check out process and notify service representatives such as housekeeping staff and maintenance crews when the rental guest checks out of the property. T.A.P. Tags are compatible with most vacation rental software providers.
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RealTimeRental Partners with T.A.P. Tag Technologies , a Leading NFC Chip Technology Company

RealTimeRental is excited to announce its new partnership with T.A.P. Tag Technologies, a pioneer in the NFC chip Tech Industry.

RealTimeRental is always striving to stay ahead of the curve with technology, innovation, and strategic partners to help RealTimeRental clients be more efficient and successful.
RealTimeRental’s latest partnership is with T.A.P. Tag Technologies LLC, a NFC chip technology company. T.A.P. Tag Technologies is utilizing NFC chip technology in exiting new ways in the real estate and vacation rental industry with their new product T.A.P. Tags.
T.A.P. (Targeted Action Platform) Tags are a Small NFC Chip Enabled item (think key chains, stickers, property sale signs, rental property signs, business cards, and much more!) that can display a custom message on their rental guest’s phones with just a simple tap of their NFC capable smartphone.
NFC (Near Field Communication) chips enable two electronic devices to communicate. Using the same technology that is becoming commonplace in credit cards T.A.P. Tag Technologies uses top of the line NFC chips to facilitate communication between the T.A.P. tag and the NFC capable smartphone. T.A.P. Tag Technologies has a proprietary back-end platform, which upholds a sophisticated infrastructure allowing the technology to manage and distribute a variety of data resources.
T.A.P. Tags and RealTimeRental have a fully integrated platform. This gives RealTimeRental clients the ability to push rental property information directly from the software, to the tag, displaying the information they want the guest to have. T.A.P Tags also integrates seamlessly with the RealTimeRental Tenant portal, Owner Portal and Service Vendor Portal.
Utilizing the Tenant Portal, the Rental Guest can easily tap their NFC capable phone to the tag to notify the property manager, the House Keeper, and any other contact that they have Checked Out of the rental property. After check out via the T.A.P. Tag, the rental guest can immediately be prompted to reply to a series of questions relating to their stay. T.A.P. Tags can be programmed to display virtually any message to a rental guest, whether it is a reminder to take out the trash and recycles before check out, or a reminder to book their favorite vacation week and rental property for next season.
Leveraging the Service Vendor Portal; maintenance tasks and requirements can be transmitted to the Servicing Person that is physically at the location by a simple tap of their phone.
T.A.P. Tags are extremely customizable, and are being used by RealTimeRental clients in a variety of different ways. In areas where potential rental guests physically look for vacation rental properties, RTR clients have placed T.A.P. Tags on rental property signs that display interior photos and the property manager’s contact information. Clients hand out T.A.P. Tag key chains or waterproof bracelets to guests upon check in that link to house rules, area attractions, event calendars, and much more! Quite a few RealTimeRental clients have T.A.P. tags on their exterior office walls, posting hours, phone numbers, featured properties, etc.
RealTimeRental clients enhance their brand promotion by including T.A.P. Tags in their marketing campaigns. T.A.P. Tags are extremely customizable, making them a simple and easy way to get future customers looking at a company’s message on their NFC capable smartphones. T.A.P. Tags can be programmed to open virtually any URL with just a simple tap of a NFC capable smartphone. Direct customers to special deals on your company’s website or have the T.A.P. Tag link to your social media profiles. Many styles of T.A.P. Tags can even be customized with your company’s logo on them.
Real Time Rental is also leveraging the technology for their own business. The RealTimeRental team uses T.A.P. Tag key chains that serve as virtual business cards, so they are never without their business cards! When scanned with a NFC capable smartphone, the T.A.P. Tag displays all the information that would be included on a standard business card. RealTimeRental also has a T.A.P. Tag located outside of the office that displays office hours and links to their website, in case local clients pass by outside of business hours and are looking for information.
With the coming launch of the New RealTimeRental mobile app and the T.A.P Tag Technology LLC partnership, RealTimeRental will offer the best experience for the Vacation Rental Manager, their Reservation Team, as well as the consumer in the vacation rental market place.
To learn more about T.A.P. Tags or the partnership between T.A.P. Tag Technologies and RealTimeRental please visit http://www.TapTagTech.com